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Intellectual property (IP) faces disruption from judicially created exceptions to what is patent-eligible subject matter

ELITE drafted client comment letters in response to a USPTO request for information. Also, ELITE organized a bipartisan panel of former USPTO directors to discuss this issue.

Vaccine Production Line
Signing Contract
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“I have known and worked with Jim Edwards for more than a decade, including my time with the Healthcare Leadership Council and AdvaMed.  … Jim is an excellent writer with strong analytic ability, as well as extensive experience in a variety of issues, particularly health policy.  He brings a keen political insight to his work ….  Jim is honest and focused and will always deliver an excellent work product."  — Premier hospital alliance executive

"He's a very creative strategist, always devising new and improved approaches to our efforts.  I'd recommend Jim's services to anyone who is serious about achieving their objectives.”  — Intellectual Ventures

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