Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky told the secret of his success:  “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” 


A phalanx in Washington and a spiderweb of legislation, rules, and regulations put the puck in play.  Complying with current law and regs is where the puck is today.  ELITE Strategic Services enables you to skate where the puck's heading.


Leveraging its assets in business, public policy, and public affairs, ELITE develops and executes customized strategies to mitigate clients' risks from and capitalize on new directions in federal policy.  A range of services combines part intelligence analyst, part research geek, part advocacy strategist, and part business planner.


Our customized approach to helping clients develop value-creating business strategies within their regulatory environment can enhance your business growth strategy.  Our proven record of long-term client relationships and successes testify to high-quality service and satisfaction.  We invite you to contact us to learn how ELITE can help you leverage your capabilities into more market opportunities with our skills and foresight.




Our Services



ELITE offers a range of services to large, midsized, and small organizations, M&A teams, investors, and others in regulated commercial sectors, including health care, technology, transportation, and manufacturing.  Our services include:

  • Strategic advice

  • Research and analysis

  • Strategic communication

  • Special projects

  • Regulatory risk assessment

  • Business development

  • Public policy

"Edwards . . . has consistently demonstrated a strong ability to provide meaningful guidance and expert knowledge that has enabled me to develop sound business strategies that fully consider the complexities associated with working with, or for, the government – especially in the areas of digital health and health IT."

Heudia Health

". . . not only did effectively what we asked and more, he listened, offered strategies and solutions specifically designed for our company, and did all this professionally, impressively, and with a genial attitude.”

— Advanced Mobile Hospital Systems

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