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Part Intelligence Analyst, Part Research Geek, Part Advocacy Strategist, Part Business Planner

ELITE Strategic Services, L.L.C., is a consulting firm that provides strategic and advisory services to help clients anticipate, navigate, and mitigate government-imposed hurdles, identify and unlock business opportunities, and position themselves for business growth in regulated commercial sectors.


Edwards has consulted for more than two decades to corporate, association, and nonprofit clients, with significant experience in health care, technology, and innovation.  An entrepreneur, Edwards cofounded a public affairs firm and a health care coalition before starting ELITE. Edwards has founded, led, advised, or mentored more than 60 corporations, trade groups, startups, and nonprofits.  He has handled negotiation, strategic planning, budgeting and financial management, due diligence, marketing, employee benefits, property searches, resolving sensitive personnel matters, and dispute resolution, as well as fundraising.  He has appeared on CNN, CBS News, Fox News Channel, National Public Radio, and other media.


Having served members of both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, Edwards has also held leadership roles in the private sector, health care, and coalitions, advised investment analysts and corporate executives with analysis of and outlooks on public policy developments, taught college, and been a speechwriter and campaign advisor.  A skilled strategist and analyst, Edwards has substantive expertise in health policy, intellectual property, technology, transportation, communications, small business issues, and other subject matter.  He earned a doctorate in communications at the University of Tennessee and bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Georgia.


Under Edwards's leadership, ELITE has become a client-oriented service provider that leverages its assets in business, med tech, public policy, and strategic communications.  The firm assesses clients’ regulatory risks — now and over the horizon — and assists clients in developing strategies to mitigate those risks and to capitalize on new opportunities.  ELITE helps clients minimize risk and maximize opportunity in the current and evolving economic, regulatory, and political environment.


ELITE has alliances with specialists who round out the team.  These include FDA and other regulatory, business, and technological specialists.





“I have worked with Jim Edwards on patent and IP-related policy matters for five years, and have found him to bring a number of strengths to the table.  Jim’s a thought leader on these issues. . . .  Jim Edwards has tangibly advanced the interests of U.S. patent owners through his excellent, dedicated efforts.”

– Qualcomm Inc.

"Jim Edwards knows health policy, the health care industry, and the Washington process, and he is strategically astute."  — American Clinical Laboratory Assn.

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