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con • sul • ta • tion n. the act of seeking or giving advice, information, or guidance for the purpose of deliberation, discussion, or decision



so • lu • tion n. 1. the act of solving a problem or question.  2. a particular instance or method of solving.  3. the process of determining the answer to a problem

Informed solutions that enhance business strategies in regulated sectors.




ELITE Strategic Services is a consulting firm based in the Washington, D.C., area. We provide strategic and advisory services to help clients anticipate, navigate, and mitigate government-imposed hurdles, identify and unlock business opportunities, and position themselves for business growth in regulated commercial sectors.




Leveraging its assets in public policy, business, and public affairs, ELITE develops and executes customized strategies to mitigate clients' risks from and capitalize on new directions in federal policy.  A range of services combines part intelligence analyst, part research geek, part advocacy strategist, and part business planner.




Go here to read the latest news about ELITE Strategic Services, to find our analysis of policies, proposals, and hot topics, and to learn what we're up to.


"His judgment and mature outlook provided a logical and practical approach to achieving our objectives."  — Advanced Systems Technology


"A brilliant and talented government and industry consultant with whom we have had the pleasure to work on several occasions.  . . . very knowledgeable in the area of health care, both from a regulatory and an industry perspective."  — OneCare


"We utilize Dr. Edwards’s services because of the expertise he brings to public policy issues, as well as his strong capabilities in translating that knowledge into compelling and effective communications."  — Healthcare Leadership Council


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